Pulsin Organic Whey Protein Powder 1kg


Versatile unflavoured protein powder
80% Protein

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Colour Name:Organic Whey Protein Powder | Size Name:1kg

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At 75% protein, our Organic Whey Protein Concentrate is the optimum premium protein powder. It is: Organic-grade, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Non GM, No added fillers, sugars or sweeteners and made using hormone-free milk from European grass-fed cows.

This product is natural, unflavoured and additive free, giving you the freedom to develop your own recipes. It’s the perfect addition to smoothies, porridge bowls, juices and your favourite recipes. Just one serving is a big step towards your 50g recommended daily protein intake.

Boasting Organic certification, this powder guarantees some of the most ethical and sustainable farming standards, without compromising quality and as a complete protein contains all the essential amino acids the body needs.

Not sure which ‘whey’ is the right ‘whey’ for you? No problem. This handy guide explains the differences between all Pulsin’ whey protein powders.

Pulsin’ produces three different Whey protein powders – Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate and Organic Whey Concentrate. The main difference between a protein isolate and concentrates is the percentage of protein content, with this isolate having a higher content at 93% whereas the Whey Concentrate has 83% protein and the Organic Whey has 75% protein.

The protein percentage is determined by the filtering process. A whey protein concentrate goes through micro-filtration, whereas a whey protein isolate is micro-filtered and then ultra-filters, resulting in increased protein content and quality.

Here are some other key differences between a Whey Concentrate and a Whey Isolate:

Fat content: Pulsin’ Whey Protein Isolate is lower in fat compared with the Concentrate. Although dairy fat has many benefits compared with other fat sources, it you’re looking to lose weight then the Isolate may be the better choice as it contains less fat and calories.

Vitamins and Minerals: Because Pulsin’ Whey Isolate has an extra filtration step, it is slightly lower in vitamins and minerals than the Concentrate which is considerably higher in the B Vitamins, Choline, Calcium and Potassium.

Lactose: Pulsin’ Whey Protein Isolate has a lower lactose content than the Whey Concentrate. This make it a great choice for those with lactose intolerances. It also boasts a less creamy taste.

About Pulsin’: Since launching Pulsin’ in 2007, the three founders Simon, Nick and Ben have developed award-winning nutrition products including protein snack bars, brownies, protein powders, organic fruit bars and oat bars for children. Pulsin’ has won multiple awards for its products, most recently the 2015 Best New Food Product at the Natural and Organic Awards as well as several other Great Taste Awards.


Organic Whey (Milk) Protein Concentrate

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Versatile unflavoured protein powder
80% Protein
Low Fat
Easily mixes into sweet and savoury recipes and smoothies

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